Project: S.E.R.A. - Not Your GrandPa's Zombie Story

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Project: S.E.R.A. is the sleek, new sci fi web series produced by the premiere entertainment  company for gamers, IGN.

The story focuses on the efforts of Gillian Eames (Julia Voth) and Lt. Riggins (Derek Theler) to stop the black market sale of an experimental serum developed by the United States military.  

This serum was developed to hasten the recovery of wounded veterans in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, this compound has an unexpected, horrific side effect which makes it extremely desirable as a biological weapon.

Project: S.E.R.A. is a compelling, exciting, and entertaining take on zombies - a subgenre threatening to become overdone.

What helps set the series apart is a number of notable factors including:

  • A smart screenplay by Bill Kirchen and Nathan Miller

  • Exceptional direction by director/creator Benjamin Howdeshell

  • Dynamic fight and action sequences

  • Superb visual and special effects

Another main attraction of Project: S.E.R.A. is the stellar performances of the main cast - especially Julia Voth. 

Ms. Voth imbues protagonist Gillian Eames with depth and complexity.  Yes, Gillian is a certified, grade A bad ass. Yet, beneath the surface is a woman of quiet vulnerability and keen intelligence.   It's not hyperbole to say Gillian Eames has a place among other top genre heroines such as Ellen Ripley or Alice, respectively of the Alien and Resident Evil films.

Project: S.E.R.A. is a six episode series, but there is a strong possibility more is yet to come.

I certainly hope so!

Below is a behind-the-scenes featurette: 

Here is the complete first episode:


Please visit IGN's START Channel on YouTube to view Project: S.E.R.A. in its entirety.

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