Silverwood - A Horror Web Series About A Small Town With Dark Secrets

Though I'm not the biggest fan of horror, during my childhood I  watched many episodes of  classic sci-fi series such as The Twilight Zone,  Tales From The Crypt, and George A. Romero's Tales From The Darkside.

Silverwood, an 11-part science fiction and horror mini-series, is the 21st century descendent of those horror anthologies.  

Created by filmmaker Tony E. Valenzuela and produced by BlackBoxTV, each episode of Silverwood tells a unique, chilling tale about the titular California hamlet.

From one young couple's planned night of intimacy gone horribly wrong, to a woman's first encounter with her boyfriend's wildly dysfunctional family, the web series features  contributions from notable creatives such as:

  • Fan favorite genre actors, such as respected character actress Sharon Lawrence (NYPD Blue), Brea Grant (Heroes), and Jordan Hinson (Zoe Carter, Eureka)
  • Acclaimed directors, like Drew Daywalt, who in my opinion directed the scariest episodes (make sure to watch the two-part episode The Hunger for proof!)

Each Silverwood tale features what producers call exclusive DLC (downloadable content), which is the digital equivalent to special bonus material on blu-ray discs and dvds.

While the episodes contain stand alone plots, there is an over-arching mythology that can only be appreciated if you watch all 11 vignettes.  Also, there are comic books and supplementary videos available, which serve to provide more insight into the history surrounding the mysterious town.

While not all of the episode work as well as others, Silverwood often provides more genuine chills than many recent full-length horror movies.  

For horror fans, it's definitely worth visiting Silverwood, but you wouldn't want to live there (cheesy pun intended). 

Below is the official trailer for the series: 

For more information about Silverwood, visit its official home on BlackBoxTv

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