The Book Club - 4 Guys, Books And A Whole Lotta Trouble

The Book Club is a hilarious, often laugh out loud web series about four guys who are just trying to conduct a book club. 

While the series itself  isn't specifically science fiction, it does send up tropes of many  closely related genres such as mystic marital arts films, and modern horror movies.

The four men: Chris Marrs - who wrote the series, Parvesh Cheena, Thomas Fowler, and Dann Pudi, are everymen, but with impeccable comedic timing to shame most network sitcoms. 

I had a blast watching the misadventures of these men - including their confrontation with ninjas, and a "read-off" with an all female, rival book club you have to see to believe.

All six episodes are available on YOMYOMF (a YouTube channel that appears to be quite the incubator for ingenious web series).

Here is the series trailer: 

Below is the first episode, which gives you a great snapshot for the overall tone of the series: 

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