In The Fantasy Web Series 'TRACY BUCKLES' Meet A New And Irreverent Genre Heroine

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TRACY BUCKLES is a six-episode fantasy web series best described as Harry Potter with a sharp comedic and adult edge.

Written and directed by Robin Nyström, the web series follows its titular young protagonist on her quest to free herself from a curse cast by a dark mage (Macie Wilson). The potent curse allows her to be seen, but not heard.

The only person who can hear her is a young man called No One (Sergio Gavidia) who also has been cursed by the same dark mage to be heard, but not seen.

Realizing their peculiar conditions make them perfect allies, Tracy and No One seek the help of an inept wizard - think Dumbledore sans the competence - named Waxel (Gale McNeeley) and his longsuffering wife Lucinda (Rosh Wright).

However, Tracy (Ana Lake) is NOT your typical fantasy heroine.

She is a foul-mouthed, weed-smoking, aspiring actress. She is also fearless, possesses an indomitable spirit, and is keenly empathetic - which are her true magical powers.

Lake is a revelation as Tracy. Her acting chops take a role that could come off as extremely abrasive and instead creates a nuanced portrayal of a young woman overcoming adversity while coming into her own.

The supporting cast acquits themselves very well, too. Gavidia and Lake have sparkling chemistry as two people who become the best of friends through shared suffering.

Gale McNeely has a charming absent-minded professor vibe he brings to the role of the bungling wizard Waxel. Rosh Wright completes the series’ comedic alchemy as Waxel’s critical, but loving, spouse.

TRACY BUCKLES is an apt analogy for those who have ever felt unseen and unheard, as well as the triumphant feeling that comes when one finds their unique voice and place in the world.

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