HPlus The Digital Series - An Apocalypse By Design

What if there was a technology created that would allow you to access the internet and all its capabilities with just your mind? 

You could replace your smarthphone, desktop, laptop, and tablet for an implant the size of a nanite inserted into the base of your skull.

This implant connects directly to your nervous system, allowing you to access the internet wirelessly.  With the blink of an eye and the gesture of a finger, the web would available to you 24-7.

It would seem like a digital paradise - until something goes terribly wrong.  Someone or something has switched off the implants - and 33% of the world's population dies.

An apocalypse by design. 

The mystery behind who or what is responsible for this global catastrophe is the central premise of the web series HPlus, from Warner Brothers Studios and executive producer Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects, X-Men). 

What makes the conceit of HPlus so compelling is how eerily prophetic is seems to be.  

Each day we are witnessing the creation of connective technologies which are becoming smaller, yet  increasingly more powerful. The Google Glass project is a haunting example of how close we are to the near future as portrayed by HPlus.

The idea that one say soon, we won't need any external hardware to become connected to the internet is really not that far-fetched anymore.

HPlus is an achievement in web series storytelling. The production values are on par with those of a major motion picture. The plot is filled with intrigue, mystery, action, and globe-trotting adventure. It poses deep questions about our relationship to, and dependence on, technology - all while avoiding sermonizing.

The complete 48 episode first season of HPlus is available exclusively on YouTube.  A second season is currently being planned.

 For more information about the cast and production, you may visit the official web site:

HPlus Digital Series

Below is the official trailer:

Here is the pilot episode:

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