The Abandon - A Tale Of Friendship, Invasion And Survival

The Abandon is the tale of five close friends who embark on a hiking trip in the Summer of 2012, only to find themselves caught in the midst of an alien invasion.

Written and directed by Keith Josef Adkins, an acclaimed writer and playwright whose credits include writing for the popular CW sitcom Girlfriends, the pilot for The Abandon is exceptionally produced. The cinematography is lush,  the dialogue is so real and intimate, you feel as though you are eavesdropping on actual conversations.

Which brings us to the actors who deliver said dialogue. These men have such chemistry, one has to wonder if they are as close off screen.  As circumstances continue to spin out of their control, their reactions make you feel the mounting tension and terror.

While the invading aliens do not appear in the initial episode,  this isn't a drawback due to  the clever way the plot has been written to clue the audience in as to what's happening.  Let's just say social media plays a pivotal role.

Below is the complete pilot episode:

Unfortunately as of this date, only the pilot episode has been made.  The Abandon is independently produced, and the production team is actively raising funds to complete future episodes.  There has already been a partially successful IndieGoGo campaign, however interested parties can still opt to support the project directly on its official web site.

My honest opinion is this project deserves a shot based on the vision and quality of the pilot episode.

But an even more important reason? To disprove the prevalent belief among entertainment executives that the only demographic for science fiction is white males.  Lovers of science fiction come from all races, genders, and creeds.  The purpose of  this project is to illustrate what the rest of us know to be true. Which is why The Abandon is going to be the featured project on The 7th Matrix for the next several weeks.

There is always enough room for quality science fiction from visionary creators. I hope you agree.  For more information about The Abandon and how you can help support it,  please visit its official web site:

The Abandon

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