Larry & Lucy The Web Series - A Sci-Fi Comedy About A Couple From Two Different Worlds

When Larry & Lucy opens, we meet Lucy, and she's quite pissed.

Fed up with her ex-boyfriend, she gathers all of his clothing in a pile, and takes off down the street with the intention of setting them ablaze.

Along the way, she crashes into the oddly dressed and bespectacled Larry. 

Feeling guilty for blooding Larry's elbow, Lucy takes him home to administer first aid. This is when her peculiar guest reveals he is a tourist in Los Angeles - from the planet Ryba.

Let the zaniness begin!

Produced by the Convergence Music Channel, Larry & Lucy stars series creator Sujata Day as Lucy, and Andrew Allan James as Larry - both cast members of the popular comedy web series The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl.

Larry & Lucy is zany, light-hearted, and hearkens back to classic fish-out-of-water comedies like Splash and Mork & Mindy.

The key to the humor in the project is the chemistry between the two series leads.

Andrew Allan James is charming as Larry, an alien from the distant plant Ryba who worships a deity named Gus, considers Kleenex a delicacy, and is most excited to visit a laundromat during his tour of Earth.

Sujata Day as Lucy is the perfect comedic foil for the eccentric Larry.

Her deadpan delivery and wry observations dovetail perfectly with Larry's outlandish affectations to create the lighter-than-air tone of the series.

Check out the complete first episode ...

I've always advocated for more joy and frivolity to be injected into sci-fi, and this project most definitely fits the bill.  

Watch the series as it unfolds on YouTube: Larry & Lucy.

I wholeheartedly recommend this new web series for an interlude of pure, unabashed, sci-fi fun.


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