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In The Sci-Fi Short Film 'AERANGER,' A Scout On A Critical Mission For Her People Crashes On An Alien World

The sci-fi short film AERANGER begins with a spaceship crashing into the side of a mountain.

The only survivor is Kallelle (Bobbie Breckenridge), an elfish-like being.

Critically wounded, Kallelle desperately searches for and retrieves a precious piece of cargo from the ship's wreckage.

This cargo is vital to Kallelle completing a mysterious mission of enormous importance to her people.

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AERANGER is the latest project by filmmaker Anthony Ferraro, whose award-winning sci-fi comedy web series GALACTIC GALAXY is a favorite we covered here on The 7th Matrix.

With AERANGER, Ferraro changes tones and creates a compelling, straight-up sci-fi adventure.

This story about a wounded ranger who is determined to succeed in her mission out of love for her family and her people is resonant and brimming with emotional sophistication.

Breckenridge laces her affecting performance as Kallelle with steely determination and aching vulnerability. As a viewer, you become immediately invested in her.

AERANGER is gorgeous. Its scenic setting serves as another character in the story.

Written, produced, and directed by Ferraro, the filmmaker is also responsible for the visual effects and props.

This impressive multi-tasking is a testament to Ferraro's skill as a filmmaker and deep love for the genre.

I would be remiss if I did not call out this micro-budgeted short's terrific production and costume design, special effects makeup, and music score, which all combine to give AERANGER a polish comparable to projects with much larger budgets.

Incidentally, Ferraro shares his filmmaking techniques and experiences on his CREATE SCI-FI YouTube channel. There, he covers the filmmaking process from scriptwriting to providing advice on crowdfunding.

Aspiring filmmakers - or anyone interested in the filmmaking process - should check out the treasure trove of information contained in Ferraro's extensive video tutorials.

AERANGER is a solid, straightforward sci-fi adventure story with a beating heart.

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